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Safta Soup (homemade bone broth vegetable and chicken soup)

A very rainy day and missing my family and friends in Israel called for my Safta (grandma in Hebrew) vegetable and chicken soup. Started with the bone broth I prepared and froze and couple months ago, the veggies that our friend brought from his dad's garden (along with some I had to use up), and grilled chicken that my in-laws gave us before going out of town.

bone broth soup 1.jpg
bone broth soup 2.jpg

I let all the ingredients cook on medium heat for several hours while the kids did crafts and I worked.

bone broth soup 3.jpg

This soup brings back so many beautiful memories and feelings of the times I spent in Israel, and I swear when my grandma prepared it, you could taste the love she put into making it. I hope my kiddos know that when I cook or bake for them, I don't just do it because I want them to eat well, be healthy, and grow up enjoying food and all the wonderful flavors, but that I do it with all my heart, and that it is one of the main ways I express my love (in addition to the verbal and other nonverbal ways I show them). And I really hope that if my Safta had a sip of my soup, that I would make her proud.

bone broth soup 4.jpg

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