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Diving in head first...

Hey there! I’m excited to finally have my website up—I have been looking forward to getting my momentum going in my professional path, and as with many things, the longer you wait for the “perfect time” for things to come together, the more you realize that there is no defined moment. Rather, often the best, though seemingly “irrational” thing to do, is to just take the plunge and dive right in—into whatever it is that energizes you, because then you’re moving on from the self-doubt phase and into the action phase.

I have always been the type of person with many interests and the sincere desire to acquire as much knowledge as possible about them. I try to take that approach even with topics outside my realm of curiosity, just because you never know when you might need to utilize that information. On the negative side of the love of learning is the realization that there are so many things that I do not know (and likely never will), and that has often caused me to remain stagnant—whether for not feeling “good enough” or “helpful enough” or “smart enough”, or just because I am generally quite shy and introverted, and it’s just easier to stay safe in existing routines. I’m putting a stop to that though, because however wonderful it is to feel really passionate about things, it is even more amazing when those passions propel you toward happiness and success and a sense of purposefulness (however you define those in your life).

So, now, I am taking my plunge, so to speak, with this website, and am hoping to bring my passion for health, positivity, and helping people out into the open. While I have had the privilege of providing counseling in the last decade as a psychotherapist and have spent copious amounts of time researching nutrition and the mind-body connection independently, I have finally fulfilled a dream of mine of studying the topic in a professional manner and have since also become a health and wellness coach. I have always believed in a holistic approach, but never actually applied it to myself because I always preferred to push myself past my limits, to the point where I lost touch with what my mind and body were trying to tell each other. I have since learned (the hard way) that there are definite limitations, and that it is okay to accept them (even if you aren’t wild about that idea). Accepting them requires a lot more self-care and self-love than trying to constantly push beyond them. In fact, the latter can be downright self-abusive. And that’s just not any fun.

I hope to bring forth a lot of the knowledge, experience, and cool information I have gathered (and continue to) along the way as a therapist and health coach. Here’s to self-acceptance, listening to inner wisdom, and diving in!

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