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Are You Self-Destructive?

Consider yourselves warned–This message will self-destruct when you are done reading it!

As humans (and like all creatures), we have innate survival instincts that are so strong, we often subconsciously develop (sometimes irrational) fear…s and anxieties whose purpose is to keep us from engaging in behaviors that increase our chances of getting hurt or dying. Yet, so many of us paradoxically behave in ways that lead to a self-destructive trajectory. Whether one frequently engages in risky behaviors, excessively consumes or abuses addictive and dangerous substances, abuses and harms their own body, or damages friendships and other close relationships, it clearly goes against our natural instinct to survive. I would love to hear how you weigh in on the topic and also inspire you to do some reflection into your own self-destructive behaviors, and then to think about what you need to do in order to stop them.

The end goal is not just to survive, but to thrive!!

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