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Good Morning Smoothie for my Family

Here is the Good Morning smoothie I made for my family today--feel free to substitute any of the ingredients or to experiment with different fruit!

-bananas (fresh and frozen) -frozen organic strawberries (Costco) -frozen organic blueberries (Costco) -frozen organic cherries (Costco) -hemp hearts (Costco) -stevia drops (Whole Foods) -coconut water (Costco) I always prefer buying frozen organic fruit (particularly berries) at Costco because they're a very good price for the amount I get plus they're incredibly healthy (berries are rich in antioxidants, but they are on the dirty dozen list, so they are always preferred organic; also, the fruit is frozen upon picking, which means they retain their nutrient level). Not only is frozen fruit great for smoothies, but frozen blueberries and cherries are also super to toss into muffins and pancakes.

Morning smoothie for family.jpg

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