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Why I Take Feeding My Family Very Seriously...

As you can see in my posts, I take how I feed my family very seriously. Of course I enjoy the entire process of putting together meals and snacks that they love, but I also feel good about providing them real, whole, nutritious nourishment that feeds their physical, cognitive, and emotional needs.

When I was growing up, the majority of people had no real (or correct) knowledge about the way fat, protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and specific ingredients affect our bodies, and we certainly didn't know much about healthy and harmful gut bacteria and how it impacts our immune system. The information pertaining to diet/nutrition/health/gut dynamics and its relationship to emotions, thoughts, and behaviors is already tremendously overwhelming and is growing every day, so my goal is to aggregate, summarize, and turn it into something tangible that I can share with everyone in an easily digestible (yes, punny) format. As I become more educated in this topic, I also feel obligated on a personal level to put all this knowledge into practice. Just like all of you, my family is my absolute everything, and if I can do one thing to make a difference in their physical (and as a result, their emotional and cognitive) health, then I am going to focus on what I put into their bodies. Life comes with many unknowns and uncontrollables, but this is one area where I feel I can have some (I realize not all) say.

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