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Live in the Now

This morning in yoga class, we were encouraged to think of a word/mantra for the upcoming year. While I already have mantras that I have carried with me for the last several years, I decided that I am ready for drastic changes, so I chose: "live now." All my life, I have found it challenging to do that, as I have a tendency to rehash (in my mind) the past, and worry about the future. Obviously, this practice is unproductive--even downright harmful in many ways--and prevents me from doing the most important thing, which is living and experiencing in the moment. Unfortunately, I have missed out on many joyous times because I was trapped in thoughts. I have also missed out on growth opportunities, because I escaped into my own mind rather than take those experiences and turn them into life lessons. So, here is to the NOW! To the relishing in the beauty of things as I am living them in the present, and to acceptance and breathing through the moments that require me to reflect and grow. How about you? What is your word or mantra for 2015?

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