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Homemade bulletproof iced coffee

For the last couple of months, I've been making my own version of the ever-so-popular bulletproof coffee in the mornings for my husband and me.

I start by melting a tablespoon each of coconut oil and Kerrygold grass-fed butter into hot French-pressed organic coffee and sweeten it with stevia.

bulletproof coffee image 1.jpg

Since we like iced coffee, I then give it a whirl in my Vitamix so that the butter and oil emulsify and get a creamy texture. It also prevents them from chunking up once you add the ice--which is yucky. Not that I ever tried it or anything;)

I stop blending once the fats emulsify, and pour the mixture over a glass filled with ice. And, voila!

bulletproof coffee image 3.jpg

The healthy fats in the butter and coconut oil give us loads of energy and are a perfect way to start our days. And coffee is a nice vehicle for transport of those beneficial fats. But make sure to use high-quality coffee that is free of mycotoxins (which is the primary reason people believe they don't tolerate coffee--can actually make them irritable and lethargic). Since we began drinking coffee this way, we've become quite the coffee snobs, and no others will do. Once you go bulletproof, you never go back.

Go straight to the source to learn more about how to make your own Bulletproof Coffee.

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