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Sunday Prep-Day--Setting up for a successful week!

Every Sunday (or, alternatively, Saturday), I prepare some of the same staples for the week ahead: ~ Bone broth to use as a soup base or for cooking vegetables (or when we aren't feeling well and just can use a warm cup of broth to speed the healing) ~ Hard-boiled eggs to throw into lunch boxes, have as snacks, or for making deviled eggs or egg salad ~ Baked sweet potatoes to eat as is or mashed for lunch or dinner ~ Roasted vegetables, such as cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, and cabbage--these are great to throw into lunches or have as a snack with a healthy protein ~ Honey Nut Date Bars--perfect for snacks and even breakfast! Then, I typically prepare 2 protein meals so that they are ready for the week ahead (some dishes I prefer to make the day they are eaten, as they are better fresh--the following examples are great even when prepared ahead!). Some examples include: ~ Tuna, salmon, or sardine patties ~ Meatballs (which you can freeze until you use) ~ Healthified Sloppy Joe's ~ Simple Vegetable and Chicken Soup ~ Slow Cooker Chicken Verde Here are links to some of our family's favorite recipes! Honey-Nut-Date-Bars Tuna Patties Sardine Patties Gluten Free Meatballs

Do you have a food prep-day? If so, what are some of your staples or favorite recipes?

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