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Oatmeal Bar Night

I have to admit--I really miss oatmeal. Like a lot. When I eliminated gluten from my diet, I was excited to still be able to have my morning oats, but a couple of years after going gf, I had to stop eating even the certified gluten free kind when I began developing a strong sensitivity to it and other gf grains. And this is where my paleo life began. My daughters, however, are not sensitive to the gf oats, and because the girls are paleoish, they'll be enjoying some tonight. I'll be preparing plain gluten free old fashion rolled oats, and each girl will get to put her own topping in: Nature Nate's raw honey, hemp seeds, cinnamon, organic toasted coconut, organic raisins, and lightly toasted pumpkin seeds (pepitas)--an oatmeal bar, if you will. And truth be told, I'll be watching them as they enjoy every comforting bite.

oatmeal bar.jpg

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