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Accidental Broccoli "Chips"

I love when accidents turn out to be good things! Last night, while watching Whiplash with the hubby, I put broccoli florets in the oven to roast, forgot to get the timer going, and got really into the movie. By the time I got up and realized the broccoli florets were still in the oven, they got a good char on them. BUT, they turned out so delicious because they were crunchy and fun-sized, and the pink Himalayan salt I sprinkled on them prior to roasting added to the snacky feel. Lo and behold, this accident birthed broccoli "chips."

To recreate these broccoli "chips" at home, sprinkle broccoli florets with salt (and any spices you enjoy) and roast at 400 degrees F for 45-60 minutes. So fun!

P.S. Make sure to clean your teeth really well after eating these...;)

Broccoli Chips.jpg

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