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Me: Paleo; My Family: Paleoish

I subscribe to what is considered a paleo diet and lifestyle (paleo template) as it helps me tremendously with severe gluten intolerances (one biopsy short of being confirmed celiac) and thyroid and adrenal issues. My family, however, can be described as paleoish. I'd say they follow a paleo template approximately 60-70% of the time, while allowing for raw milk full fat cheese, a bit of organic full fat milk, sprouted grain bread (more easily digested, but NOT for those with celiacs or severe gluten intolerances) organic and non-GMO corn tortillas and gluten free crackers/chips (the latter in small amounts, and we try to buy those with the least amount of ingredients and processing). Tonight was one of the occasions where they enjoyed sprouted grain bread (this one from @sprouts) to hold the Sloppy Joe's I made on my Sunday Prep-Day.

To make it paleo (like I do, and like little one did in the pic), just drop the roll and eat with veggies, or top sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, spaghetti squash, or zucchini or cabbage noodles!

Sloppy Joe Dinner.jpg

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