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My Typical Morning Routine--Incorporating Healthy Habits

This is how my morning routine goes these days (most done before the girls wake up for school):

--Wake up to our Sleep Cycle alarm (an app which, among other features that analyze your sleep cycle, has soothing sounds that gradually get a little louder--much better than traditional alarms, which I detest).

--Stretch for a couple of minutes in bed and set my intentions for the day.

--Go to the kitchen and get about a tablespoon of coconut oil to do my oil-pulling for 20 minutes (this is very meditative to me).

--Oil-pull while I wash my face with raw honey (yup, honey--saweeeet!), which leaves my face super soft. Get dressed, put vitamin C and sunscreen on my face, along with a little eye-liner and mascara.

--Rebound on our mini-trampoline for a few minutes to get my lymphatic system moving.

--Prepare and drink warm lemon water to give my liver a boost to its natural job of detoxing (and for the many other benefits I get from it--

--Make smoothies for breakfast for everyone (typically using a combination of bananas, frozen organic berries, organic spinach, hemp seeds as the protein and and healthy fat source, stevia drops, and coconut water).

--Prepare butter coffee (aka "bulletproof coffee" for the hubs and me to drink (I wait until the kids are in school and I work for a couple of hours).

All this seems like it would take a lot of time, but it really doesn't. As you see, I incorporate daily detoxing and other healthy habits into my morning routine, and it couldn't be easier--my hubby got on board several months ago, and oil-pulls, rebounds, and drinks lemon water. He hasn't complained one bit, and does all of this on his own (in other words, without me needing to encourage him), which means he must be enjoying the benefits (that's what it means to me, anyways).


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