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Like many of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last week, we still had leftover Turkey even today.

After gorgeous spring-like weather this weekend, today we awoke to to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and every time cold weather hits, we all want soup. So, I prepared this "Everything-but-the-Stuffing-Turkey-and-Vegetable-Soup." Please note that when I prepare soups, my measurements are not exact, I use approximations and intuition, and taste as I go to make sure I am heading in the delicious direction. I encourage you to experiment with the vegetables you like and add as little or as much broth/stock as you wish based on how thick or liquidy you want your soup to be.


Serves 5-6 people:

~ Saute one onion in 1 (or 2 hehe) tbsps of grass-fed butter (I prefer Kerrygold) in a large pot on low-medium heat until translucent.

~ After onion is translucent, add about 4-6 cups of frozen or fresh vegetables to the pot (I had a frozen medley which included zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, but feel free to use whatever you wish!) and stir. Let cook for a few minutes, until softened.

~ Add appx 12 cups of bone broth or organic chicken, beef, or vegetable broth/stock to the pot and turn down heat to low.

~ Add chopped or shredded leftover turkey (or, if no leftover, chicken or beef) to the pot. Notice I am not telling you how much, as this is based on the amount of leftovers you have, as well as how much turkey you prefer in your soup.

~ Season with salt and pepper to taste.

~ I like to simmer my soups (with the lid on) for at least an hour or two to allow all the flavors to really marry.

(Note: As soon as we all got up from the delicious feast on Thursday, my wonderful mother-in-law immediately (and cleverly) threw the turkey bones in a large pot and prepared bone broth, which she later also turned into soup--turkey noodle.)Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Turkey and Vegetable Soup.jpg

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